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If you like what you have seen in the All About Autoresponders product, don't you think there are a lot of other people in business online that would like to get their hands on this knowledge base?

Wouldn't you like to make some money by offering them the same great product and earn a 50% commission in the process? The AAA product is currently selling for $37. Of course there is no cost or obligation to become an affiliate - just an opportunity!

In case you are worried about market saturation, forget it! There is no other product like All About Autoresponders available on the web.  You have a circle of potential customers I could never reach. You just need to effectively present the product offering to them - and you will have lots of autoresponder techniques to do just that! I will also provide advertising tools and hints to help you along.


Affiliate Program Summary

1. You agree that you want to promote the All About Autoresponders product. You will provide your name, address and e-mail address.

2. You will receive an affiliate link which will pay you a 50% commission through ClickBank.

3. You will also receive a copy of Autoresponders Unleashed! into which you can brand your affiliate link. You may give this e-book away to advertise the AAA product.

4. You will have access to affiliate ads, tools and banners to help you sell the product.

5. No Spamming! The new federal law may result in liabilities on my part if you engage in sending commercial electronic mail messages (CEMM) to anyone who has not agreed to receive them. Any case of spamming will result in your being dropped from the Affiliate program immediately.

Are you ready to start generating some extra income?

Remember, I will be providing you with an affiliate link and a copy of the Autoresponders Unleashed! into which you can brand your affiliate link. I will do everything I can to help you achieve success!

To sign up for as an affiliate, fill out the form below.

Note for potential Joint Venture partners!
If you have an ezine with 1000 or more subscribers and are interested in a joint venture, indicate that in the comments section of the form below and I will contact you separately. You will receive special pricing for your subscribers.


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