Bribery Downloads
I hope you took advantage of this great offer, but even if not, thanks for taking a look. The downloads are as follows:
Instant Cover Creator - 227KB - rather than give you a description, here is a site where it is being sold -
You can download it at
RotatorBlaze - 25 KB - rotates unlimited URLs from one location. Installs on your server using a MySQL database. If you aren't comfortable doing it or can't find someone who can, you probably wouldn't want this one. You can download it at
Download Page Protector - 266KB - adds a special code into your download page. This requires a security code to be included in the link for the download page, making it much harder for someone to steal your products. Download it at
Weblink Checker - 270KB - a very simple tool which instantly checks your web site on your PC for bad links before you upload it to your web host. Download it at
Spambot Guardian - 267KB - instantly protects your entire web site from Spambots. It scans all your web pages on your PC (before you upload them) and encrypts any mailto links automatically, leaving them unreadable by Spambots but still fully usable by your visitors. Download it at

Wishing you all the best,

Glenn Gordon



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