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When and When Not to Use an Autoresponder

You've got your business, you've got some ads ready to run, and
your site is ready to take orders. All that's left is to buy some
advertising and get people coming to your site. But should you
send people straight to your site from your ads or set up some
auto responder messages and direct them to those?

Hmmm. Good question. Here's some thoughts to help you with the

When NOT To Use an Auto Responder

In general, if you're selling a single product, something that's
not really that complicated, only requires a limited amount of
information to stimulate interest, or you are using the
excitement of the moment to make the sale, do NOT use an auto
responder. Just direct people straight to the site.

For example, ebooks. Generally, any information you need to
stimulate interest can be done on a single page site. You don't
want to give away too much either, and if you are setting up
multiple messages in an auto responder, what are you going to
talk about?

When You SHOULD Use an Auto Responder

A more complicated topic, products or opportunities that require
a somewhat larger investment, or plans to cover multiple
products or multiple benefits, require the use of an auto responder.

Auto responders give you more time to explain your business or
product. Or, you may just need to keep in touch while your
prospect considers a way to come up with the money for what you
are offering. In these cases auto responders are excellent. You
simply provide more information or feature different benefits in
each message and then direct prospects to your site to learn
more or to make a purchase.


No rules are perfect, so we should all learn to put what we read
into perspective when considering our own businesses. So, even
if your product is expensive or complicated to understand, if
that's better 'shown' at a web site than 'told' in an email,
send people directly to your site.

As well, you can use email information courses to keep referring
people back to your site for just one simple product.

Ways To Complement A Site With an Auto Responder

I've had quite a few hits on an auto responder I placed on my
site. I simply ask, "In a hurry? Want more information by
email?" and provide a link. That way, even though everything is
right there on my site, if they are intrigued but don't want to
spend much time right then, there is a way they can get more
information later, and I still get to keep in contact with them.

Also, you can offer different information courses through
autoresponders and put them on your site. This way, even if
people don't buy from their initial visit, you'll get repeat
contact and get multiple chances to convince them to return.

Auto responders are extremely useful. There's no replacing them.
It's just a matter of considering your product or opportunity,
and your options when deciding how best to use them.

Written by Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters
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