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Automatic Responders

If you’re in business on the Internet, you already know the importance of e-mail automatic responders, or e-mail autoresponders as they are commonly known. In fact, autoresponder e-mail marketing is the primary method of doing business online. They  automate the process of following up e-mail marketing leads, giving them another common name - follow-up autoresponders.

Scattered Information
When I started online, I found that information on how to use automatic responders was scattered here and there on the web, but not in any one place. I also couldn’t find a single place with good automatic responder reviews and an explanation of free automatic responders versus the "pro automatic responder" types. How could I make an informed choice if I couldn't see a side-by-side autoresponder comparison?

Meets 2 needs
These two needs caused me to create the site, and the All About Autoresponders product. The All About Autoresponder product includes a database comparing suppliers of automatic responder software and automatic responder services, from free automatic responders to paid but unlimited automatic responders. But after you decide on an automatic responder product, how do you handle the automatic responders leads, and how do you write the automatic responder scripts? This is the second part of the product, an autoresponder e-book that explains in detail how to set up autoresponders, and how to structure the autoresponder scripts, or automatic responder series, as they are often called. It also goes into all the tricks and tips that make e-mail automatic responders automated marketing tools as well as customer-pleasers. And, yes, the popular Autoresponder Magic e-book is included as a bonus.

Best Automatic Responder?
What is the best automatic responder? There is no single answer. Your needs are different than that of the next business. But the product database will be your best guide to the perfect e-mail autoresponder for your business!

Upgrading Autoresponders
Because your first e-mail automatic responder is seldom your last, you need a continuing source of information about available autoresponder software and autoresponder services. That's where the third part of the All About Autoresponders product comes in - the monthly Autoresponder News Bulletin. Carrying fresh information about autoresponder services and software product and price changes, there's nothing else like it. See the whole story here!





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It's the only comprehensive buyer's and user's guide to e-mail automatic responder products on the net. It allows you to intelligently choose your autoresponder service or autoresponder software with side-by-side feature comparison charts of all the major offerings, from free autoresponders to automated marketing systems. It contains all the tips, tricks and solid application information that separates the smart Internet marketer from the beginner. You can spend months or years learning how to make autoresponders time-savers and money-makers, or you can get it all here today! You can't get it anywhere else! With a fantastic set of bonuses, including Terry Dean's "Insider Secrets to Email Marketing," the #1 selling email marketing course on the net.

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 Autoresponder Tutorials

To help you understand the ins and outs of autoresponders, read one or all of the following tutorials.

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Other Articles

I have also included a growing list of articles relating to autoresponder selection and usage. Read them here.

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