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Let me tell you my story........

When I started my online business, I knew I had a lot to learn. One of the first things I kept seeing was that I had to use autoresponders to be successful.

OK, I thought, what are they and why? As I continued to read bits and pieces here and there, I began to get a picture of what autoresponders were.

But I still didn't understand why they were all that important.

Surely, I thought, somebody has a website that thoroughly explains these things and why every online business has to use them.

But I couldn't find one!


Then I started a newsletter, and needed an email list handler. I saw an autoresponder product that claimed to be the ultimate product to handle opt-in lists, so I purchased it and paid to have it installed on my web host's server.

But I quickly found that it was missing a critical feature that it should have had to be a good list handler. A $100 mistake!!

Surely, I thought, somebody has a website that lays out all the autoresponder products side-by-side so I could see which one has the features I need.

But I couldn't find one!

I've learned a lot since then, the slow, hard, expensive way.

And I decided that somebody needed to put together a package that:

  • provides a comprehensive feature and price comparison of autoresponder products, and
  • explains autoresponders from the basics to the nifty marketing techniques that make them such powerful tools.

And I decided that somebody might as well be me!

Now you can take advantage of my mistakes and months of hard work, to kick your autoresponder power level to maximum!


All About Autoresponders

The All-In-One-Place comprehensive buyer's
 and user's guide to your most powerful email marketing tool!



"Ultimate Autoresponder Guide"

"I've been an Internet entrepreneur for well over 2 years now and you'd better believe it -- I am using autoresponders for follow-up marketing. I've read tons of ebooks and reports on that subject. But Glenn Gordon's autoresponder package could easily replace all of them. It's simple, quick, efficient and profitable. In just 30 minutes after starting to read it, I discovered the best autoresponder solution and a winning strategy for using it (which saved me a lot of money). I've even created a profit-pulling follow-up series. So I can certainly say that this package is the Ultimate Autoresponder Guide. Period."

Dmitry Nanev,
Developer of Sales Ratio Booster system,
endorsed by some top marketers


What Others Are Saying

"You have filled a great need in the marketplace with a top quality product. We all know that we have to use autoresponders in our online business and the really good ones come with a price tag attached. The problem is, until today, the only way to find out if the autoresponder had the features that you wanted, you had to invest the money, time and effort to test each one. Your book takes the time, hassle and expense out of that process. This is a must read book for anyone doing business online."

Terry Telford, BPC Publishing

What is All About Autoresponders?

It is a combined:

tool, technique, tip and trick-packed E-book, updated and expanded, in PDF format and
password-protected Members-only Site

From the E-book, you will learn:

The basics of autoresponders and how they work
Some of the common options you have in setting up an autoresponder
Why autoresponders are critically important to email marketing
Why autoresponders should be used with any web business
Six practical steps to meet the 3 'musts' with an automated email list builder and follow-up process
The importance of starting an opt-in ezine
New! What you need to do to keep your autoresponder emails legal
Recommended resources on starting and promoting an ezine
How an autoresponder can be your ezine mail list handler
The 5 basic functions of an ezine mailing list autoresponder
The 21 features to look for in an ideal ezine mailing list autoresponder
An easy-to-implement tip on how to get your new ezine subscribers on board quickly
New! How to get your messages past spam filters
How to use autoresponders to provide on-demand information, with an illustrated example
Recommended source for on-demand autoresponders
New! What you should know about email delivery percentages
How to set up sales sequences on your autoresponders
How to use the nested sales sequence technique to increase your sales, with an illustrated example
How to use autoresponders to eliminate repetitive product delivery tasks
A technique to foil info product thieves
A special trick that pleases customers and frees up your time
How to use an added touch that makes your customers eager to hear about your next product
A special technique to cut down on your product test efforts
New! How you can use autoresponders to go beyond niche marketing
Techniques to get product testimonials
How to set up an autoresponder addresses that best reflect on your business
How to use autoresponders before you even have a product
How to avoid getting locked into an autoresponder supplier
How to set up an entire Pre-Sale, Sale and Post-Sale autoresponder campaign, with the complete All About Autoresponders sales campaign shown as an example.

Autoresponder applications you never considered, from the Autoresponder Idea Generator

What you can do to have the highest possible percentage of your autoresponder messages delivered, without getting caught in spam filters.

You will also receive free upgrades to the e-book as new versions are released! Truthfully, the internet playing field changes more rapidly than any previous business environment. So do the tools of the trade for this playing field. Don't rely on out-dated information. All About Autoresponders is continually updated with the most current information to make your use of autoresponders as successful as possible.


 Doc Phelps Says...

I just finished your new eBook "All About Autoresponders". It is good. No, not good, GREAT. I like to think I know a little about autoresponders, but you taught me plenty.
This book is a keeper. I even printed out a hard copy to have quick access to all of the information. The "Dynamic Marketplace Web Site" is the "whipped cream and nuts" on the already great sundae.
I will be recommending this as a MUST READ to all of my eZine members and customers.
Doc Phelps - CEO A1eBiz Solutions
FR*EE and PRO AutoResponder Accounts


 Other Users Comments

"This is a great way to save time and money and especially helpful for the newbie." William C.

"The ebook is a great idea." Stephen H.

"I am completely new to autoresponders. I didn't know what they could do
for me but just heard that they are a 'must have'.
Your ebook puts all the info you need in one place. What a breath of
fresh air
! At last I have read a document that delivered on its promise
- so many others offer the same but fail to deliver. Your book has saved
me endless hours surfing the net for information.  The Dynamic
Autoresponder Marketplace is even better! It will be my constant
companion when wading knee deep in jargon." Lee W.

From the Members-only Site you will have available:
  • Instant side-by-side unbiased comparison of 38 major features for each of 22 (and growing) autoresponders
  • Coverage of autoresponder products from free versions to automated marketing systems (Click here to see a sample of a feature comparison showing just two offerings - a free autoresponder and a full-featured one.)
  • Separate charts for each of 4 classes of autoresponders to simplify the comparison
  • Explanation of each of the 38 features in simple language so you can see the significance to your business

For example, from the 38 feature explanations you will learn:

  • Why not having IP address capture could threaten your business
  • What the message pre-load feature can do for you
  • Which autoresponders can automatically display the number of subscribers to your ezine, in every issue
  • The value of lead source tracking, and which autoresponders offer it
  • Which autoresponders can tell you which customers actually opened and read your messages
  • The value of automation rules between autoresponder accounts, and what they can do for you
  • Which autoresponders offer built-in paragraph wrap so you can enter your text directly
  • The choices in opt-in methods, which autoresponders offer them, and which is best for you
  • An enhanced understanding of the autoresponder market by a categorization explanation
  • Recommendations on autoresponder purchases based on your business needs and goals
  • Latest published articles on autoresponder applications in the Autoresponder Article Vault
  • Reviews of autoresponder products to help you in your purchase decisions


 A Note From Frank Garon

Hi Glenn:

Just wanted to write and say "wow"!

I wish I had this information when I was first getting started. You would have saved me a ton [of] time and money. Having had all the various autoresponder specs in one place would have been worth any price to me.

You see - I picked the WRONG one at first, and paid dearly for my mistake. Thankfully, I am now with one of your top picks, but the damage is done.

Hopefully you can save other people from my heartache. Keep up the good work!


Is All About Autoresponders for you?

Who can benefit from receiving a continual supply of the latest knowledge about everything in the autoresponder world?

New Internet business owners who are just learning the importance of autoresponders to email marketing and are looking for a good autoresponder product or a source of solid autoresponder application information.
More experienced business owners who use autoresponders but need to select one with more features.
Business pros that need to keep abreast of the latest autoresponder developments but know they don't have time to do the continual research themselves.

In other words, if you are in business online, chances are you have a need for autoresponder knowledge that only All About Autoresponders can provide!

Can you afford to make the same mistakes I did?

Can you afford to learn the slow expensive way how to use autoresponder power to the maximum?

Who is behind All About Autoresponders?
My name is Glenn Gordon and I am an electrical engineer, technical writer and Internet marketer living in the Kansas City area.

I want to help you avoid the expensive and time-wasting mistakes I made exploring the world of autoresponders.

But that's not all!

I want to help you get off to a flying start using autoresponders in your email marketing strategy, so I have searched out and included the best available supporting material as bonuses!


Bonus Items
  • Bonus #1 -  "Insider Secrets to Email Marketing" E-book

The #1 selling Email Marketing course on the net. This classic by Terry Dean and Mark Wittkowski has sold by the thousands for up to $200.  Proven strategies explained so that anyone knowing how to use email can put them into place tomorrow. It's 188 pages of pure email marketing gold - the perfect tool for anyone serious about applying autoresponders for maximum profit!


  • Bonus #2 -  "Autoresponder Magic" E-book
A massive collection of winning autoresponder messages for you to model, copy and personalize in your own marketing effort.  Autoresponder Magic gives you the tools you need to start writing your own winners immediately!

For example, one series written by Declan Dunn has been used successfully for over 2 years (and it's on complete autopilot - he doesn't even lift a finger) to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of his products and services. Wouldn't you want to get your hands on that autoresponder series? That's only one of the series you will get in Autoresponder Magic. You may already have this one, but now you have the tools to really put it to use!


  • Bonus #3 -  "Autoresponder Secret Courses" E-book

"Autoresponder Secret Courses" takes you, step by step through the process of setting up an automated delivery system for your product or service. Sample chapters include: What Are Autoresponders, How and Why They Work, How to Write Them, How to Design Them and How to Set Them Up.

Plus you get 7 pre-written courses on such subjects as:
How to Improve Your Ad Campaign in 5 Easy Lessons and 7 Easy Steps to Building Your Own Opt-in Newsletter. These are not just samples; they are real courses with valuable, ready-to-use information. Each course comes with its own coursebook graphic to place on your website, allowing you to set up and offer free autoresponder courses almost immediately! Winner of the Ebook Wholesalers 2002 Ebook Excellence Award.


  • Bonus #4 -  "Email Marketing Strategies Revealed" E-book
"Email Marketing Strategies Revealed" shows you:
  • How To Eliminate The Three Most Lethal And Costly Mistakes That Everybody Else is Making!
  • How To Turn a Lot More of Your Web Site Visitors into Repeat Customers!
  • How To Use E-Mail Marketing So You Never Get in Trouble With Your ISP.
  • How to build the kind of relationship with your customers that other companies only dream about.
  • How to create an e-mail sales message that gets their attention and makes them respond
  • A simple technique that will get people to willingly give you their e-mail addresses and welcome future mailings from you.
    (Not for NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems)

    And Much More!
  • Bonus #5 - "Words That Lose Money, Words That Make Money!" Report

Your sales pages and email marketing messages are always just one mouse click away from being wasted. Words That Lose Money, Words That Make Money helps you to avoid the turnoff words and use the ones that lead to sales. "Words are like seeds - each time you speak them you are planting a future harvest."
  • Bonus # 6 - Premium Autoresponder 30 Day Free Trial

No, this is not just any free autoresponder. I have convinced a major autoresponder supplier to provide one of their Pro version ad-free autoresponders free for 30 days. A great way to get acquainted with a full featured autoresponder product!


  • Bonus # 7 - Autoresponders Unleashed! E-Book
An introductory e-book to the whole subject of autoresponders, illustrated to aid in understanding. Learn the basics of how autoresponders work and where they can be used. Best of all, this e-book is brandable. Put your own name and link on every page and give it away! Plus you can add your own affiliate links for extra profits. Makes a great new subscriber gift. There's nothing like it on the web!
  • Bonus # 8 - Viral Internet Marketing Strategies E-Book!

Just released, a 61 page look at all the ways that a viral strategy can be added to virtually any Internet marketing strategy. Plus a chapter describing exactly what the elements are that make a strategy go viral, so you can design your own. There's something here for anyone, new online or a veteran. And, this one is brandable so you can add you own name, URL and affiliate links. Plus, you can sell branding rights for a fat 60% commission! Two sales will more than pay for the entire All About Autoresponders package.


How Much Does All This Cost?

By now you are asking, how much does the All About Autoresponders package cost?

Establishing a price for the All About Autoresponders package was difficult. After all, I want to make it affordable to as many online business owners as possible.

At the same time, I know that as the number of autoresponders grows and the market changes, maintaining my commitment to keeping all the information current will take a lot of my time.

Consider for a moment what the bonus items alone are selling for elsewhere, right now.


Product Value

Insider Secrets to Email Marketing

Autoresponder Magic $17
Autoresponder Secret Courses $17
Email Marketing Strategies Revealed $49
Total Value


That's $140 just for the bonuses! PLUS, what value would YOU assign to having the Internet's only ongoing autoresponder knowledge base in dynamic format, at your fingertips?

My first autoresponder buying mistake cost me $100.

How much will yours cost you?

How many will you avoid with All About Autoresponders?

Even if you are only wanting to select a free autoresponder right now, choosing the wrong one could cost you the price of All About Autoresponders in lost sales opportunities in a few hours or days. And, as your business grows and free autoresponders aren't adequate any more, the cost of lost sales due to choosing the wrong autoresponder will be much higher.

So, I am offering the All About Autoresponders E-book with free updates, access to all the information on the private site  and all the bonuses for only $37. If you consider how much your e-mail marketing program is losing, without this knowledge base, you will conclude you can't afford not to have it.

Click to access a secure server and get your hands on the information and understanding you need to keep your email marketing strategy constantly current. (See below to purchase by PayPal.)

"Iron clad 100% You-Can't-Lose Guarantee"

I think it should be obvious by now that I have put a lot of work and thought into the All About Autoresponders package to make it the most useful, valuable one of its kind. (Actually, I don't know of another one of its kind, and I plan to keep making it so comprehensive and thorough that there won't be any competition!)

BUT, just in case there may be someone who doesn't perceive value the same way I do, I am offering a 6 month full money-back guarantee.

Of course I would like to know why you want a refund so I can consider making changes, but you don't need a reason. Just tell me you want your money back, and it will be cheerfully refunded, even if you cancel right at the 6 month point. That's how sure I am that you won't give up this valuable resource. And you get to keep the bonus items, just for trying All About Autoresponders!

To get your ticket to a continuing source of the latest information you need to make your email marketing strategy sizzle, plus all the bonus items, just click here! (To purchase by PayPal, click on the button below.)

You will get instant download of the All About Autoresponder E-book and access to the members-only web site, plus all the bonus items to super-charge your email marketing effort.

 NEW! All About Autoresponders 2007 is now in PDF format, for easy download and use by PC and Mac users.

Don't wait to get the information you need to light the afterburner on your email marketing program. Click on the credit card logo or PayPal button right now to get started!

Remember, searching the Internet can give you autoresponder information, but only All About Autoresponders concentrates that information and adds understanding! Why waste hours of your precious time researching, when All About Autoresponders and its included resources puts everything in one place in a simple-to-use format? Saving you time. Making you money.

Sample Chapter

Now you can download a sample chapter from the
All About Autoresponders e-book, in PDF format.
Right click
here and select 'Save Target as...'

Don't get caught buying or using an autoresponder without it!


P.S Still unsure? Read what others are saying!

P.P.S. Don't you hate to make an Internet purchase with the nagging feeling that you might have missed a better deal? With All About Autoresponders you won't ever feel that way about autoresponders!

P.P.P.S. Don't you love to solve a problem once and for all, cross it off your list and know you can go on to other things? That's what All About Autoresponders will do for your autoresponder questions and purchase decisions!

Glenn Gordon
325 Lancelot Drive
Liberty, MO 64068
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